Transmissions from Beyond: The Ronny Ragtroll Archives


Ronny Ragtroll Radio (assorted tracks)

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About this website

This is a website dedicated to the audio and visual works of David Deschuyteneer (01/02/1977 - 26/11/2014).

Besides having an obviously eclectic mind (as you'll undoubtedly experience through his art), David was primarily known for his stunning paintings, murals and musical projects such as Affective Disorder, Ronny Ragtroll and Trollhead.
He also helped shape the form and sound of the Idle Sunder ambient collective.

This website's content is periodically updated since there is a lot of material to go on.
You can follow the Ronny Ragtroll page on Facebook for notifications or simply check back here from time to time.

I would like to thank Eric, Bram, Waldo, Steffy, Hayley, Kathy & Miet for helping me to make this website a possibility.
Contact me if you think you can contribute.